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Plastic surgery of the eyelids

As the time passes, our eyelids undergo undesirable changes, making it look more tired and older. Many factors, such as heredity or sun damage can accelerate these changes. Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) has in recent years great progress.

A tired eyes or swollen eyes can also result from the presence of fat origin pockets in the inner part of the upper or below the lower eyelids eyelids. These excess skin and fat can be removed surgically in a procedure called blepharoplasty.

What is a blepharoplasty?
This intervention is to make the upper or lower eyelids. It is often better to intervene globally or in conjunction with a brow lift or head and neck. Ophthalmologic assessment you will be asked to verify that there are no cons-indication to surgery.


Who can benefit?
Eyelid surgery People with too heavy upper eyelids, sad eyes forming a fold of skin at the outer corner (cap side), while weighing on the eyelashes and annoying eye opening or at least one stage large, making it difficult to make up. This can be aggravated by grease the inner corner pocket. The surgeon should explain the difference between a fall of the eyebrows, which causes the heavy upper eyelid and is justifiable to a brow lift, and a real excess of the upper eyelid, justifiable in a simple blepharoplasty.
The major concern is to correct defects without changing the expression of the eyes. This is why surgeons remove less skin now to avoid any appearance of eye hollow reinforcement of the salient side of the orbital rims, especially in cases of exophthalmos.

How is practiced upper blepharoplasty?
The incision is made in a natural bend crease of the eyelid, the scar will be invisible, except at the outer part, placed in a fold of the crow's feet and which will fade in a few months. Through this incision, excess skin is removed, as well as hypertrophy of the orbicular muscle and fat responsible swelling near the nose. This intervention, which lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour, will be performed under local anesthesia or, more often, with intravenous relaxation. The hospitalization does not exceed a few hours. This is an outpatient surgery. A work stoppage of 1 to 2 weeks is usually needed.
The postoperative
For 2 to 3 days may feel discomfort when you close your eyes. Similarly, they may become more sensitive to light or weep. There are higher and sometimes lower bruises which persist 8 to 10 days. The sutures are removed on day 5 and makeup becomes possible. Sun protection will be essential during the first six months.

What are the side effects ?
They are always possible during surgery, even with a very experienced surgeon.
large hematoma justifying its rapid evacuation;
conjunctivitis printing with a small irritation of the cornea;
Dry eye print;
The patient should be warned telangiectasia (dilation of blood vessels, forming small red lines under the skin) which may become more apparent to the extent that the skin of the upper eyelid was stretched;
Similarly, micro cysts can temporarily make granular scar.


Who can benefit?
Patients often come to visit the identified eye. But dark circles are sometimes due to the natural color, dark or dark brown, the lower eyelid. On the other hand, identifies the bound to the excess of skin, muscle relaxation or to the presence of fat herniation can be treated surgically.

Preoperative Considerations?
It is essential to have explained the objectives by the surgeon, especially on other aspects of aging eyes like the existence of pockets at the cheekbones or wrinkles of the lower eyelid and crow's feet. They may benefit from gestures associated when blepharoplasty, such as muscle tension in remission or laser resurfacing. An eye examination is essential to detect any indication against that is to say any pathological aspect that can be decompensated by the surgery.

How is performed the surgery?
Two techniques can be proposed:
Classic: through an incision underneath the lashes, so invisible, ending in a fold of the crow's feet, for treating severe skin and muscle laxity.
This technique often gives way to the technique of ablation of fat hernia conjunctiva, leaving no scar, especially among the young. This gesture can be associated, if discreet sagging skin and fine lines, a laser resurfacing in the same operation.
The operation lasts about 1 hour under local or general anesthesia. The hospital stay is for a day or a day and a night.
A light occlusive dressing is in place for a few hours to prevent swelling and bruising, which however will persist for 10 to 15 days. There may be a conjunctival edema manifested as conjunctivitis impression that disappears in a few days and is, anyway, processed locally.
The son be removed on the 5th day. If the laser is used redness will be important during the first 15 days and then followed by a pink appearance, similar to a sunburn, for 3 to 4 months. They can be camouflaged by a covering concealer. It is not a painful surgery but avoid placing the eye in extreme conditions (sun, cold, spray ...).

What are the side effects ?
In the hands of an experienced surgeon, unless a specific request, the shape of the eye should not be changed. In any case, it should never be the round eye printing lasting several weeks. The hematoma type of side effects justifies a quick evacuation, ocular discomfort due to corneal irritation or temporary eyelid retraction (small round eye) are temporary. Visual acuity change cases have been reported, especially during concomitant ocular pathology, hence the need for a crucial ophthalmologic examination preoperatively. This risk has been established at 0.04%.

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