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Frequently Asked Questions

This is one of two hair transplant techniques the most practiced in the world.
F.U.E. means in English Follicular Unit Extraction. The practitioner manually extract each graft (follicular unit = natural anatomical units of 1 to 4 hairs) from the donor area of the scalp using a cookie cylindrical part and reimplanted still manually directly at the recipient area of the leather scalp with an implanter or the clamp.
This is a much less surgical technique that hair transplantation technique other technique called strips which involves surgically removing strips of scalp and cut under a microscope in recent follicular units to be reimplanted in the same manner as before.
Performed manually, technical F.U.E. The main disadvantage to be more long and tiring for the practitioner that the technique of strips. Nevertheless she won more patient compliance because it is less surgery and leaves no scar.

This technique is suitable for men and women of all ages from the time the donor area is sufficient.

In this technique, a local anesthetic is sufficient.

This technique is not painful. Local anesthesia supplemented by premedication (mild sedative) makes perfectly painless session during and immediately after surgery.
The intervention is not stressful. The patient can listen to music throughout the session and watch a video during reimplantation phase.

No complications including discharge plan as grafts is a self transplant. Some basic hygiene rules prevent any risk of infection.

The next morning the intervention, the patient can take a shower, go to work and resume all normal activities (excluding sport naturally for a few days or weeks for some Violent sport) .The wearing a motorcycle helmet not advised during this period.

Or all of the transplanted hair may fall within days of the operation, which is perfectly normal. Not pushing that about 1 cm per month as all the hair, the aesthetic result can only be truly satisfying only after 5-6 months.

Yes transplanted hair keep their ability to never fall permanently.

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